What we offer

Would you like to use InformAll’s services or to work with us?

InformAll brings together partners and experts from different communities and interest groups that offer distinctive perspectives on the developing understanding of information literacy. We are also a business, and we are keen to work collaboratively in a way that capitalises on the diverse expertise and experience of our partners. If you are interested in discussing collaborative projects with us, please look at/download our promotional flyer or contact us – we are happy to discuss any ideas, whatever their relevance to information literacy. We can offer prospective customers a range of services:

  • Facilitation: capitalising on InformAll’s networking and outreach capability by bringing together diverse players with the view to engaging collectively in the sort of activities outlined above. This includes putting together project teams made up of individuals with defined areas of expertise, identifying funding opportunities, formulating joint proposals and managing multi-player projects where the pooling of different perspectives on IL is likely to add value. It also involves, more broadly, bringing together assorted players with a view for instance to building communities of interest, joint advocacy and generating new ideas that derive from the creative mix of different professional perspectives.
  • Research: developing the evidence base and analysing how IL applies to (and is interpreted in) different educational, professional and social contexts; charting and investigating the relationship between IL and other literacies, such as digital literacy; elaboration of case studies and identification of good practice in the application of IL.
  • Policy: formulating policy advice and guidance on the relevance and value of IL, tailored to the environments or needs of different sectors.
  • Tools: designing of toolkits, frameworks and other such devices intended to help stakeholders develop a better understanding of the relevance of IL, and / or to provide them with a practical means of evolving IL-related policies and practices.
  • Events: running of workshops, webinars and conferences.
  • Influencing: making the case for and promoting IL, for instances through presentations, responses to consultations, contacts with policymakers and other key organisational players – and, not least, promoting the outputs and outcomes from InformAll-enabled activities.

The organisations that InformAll engages with, many of which have already been our project partners, are listed here. In addition, InformAll benefits from the expertise and know-how of its founder and co-ordinator, Stéphane Goldstein, who has several years of experience in developing collaborative projects in information literacy, and more broadly in project management, research, facilitation and networking.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our services, or if you would like to discuss opportunities to work with us in areas of mutual interest. You can also find out more about us in our strategic plan, of which an executive summary is also available.