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Information literacy: why it matters for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce – an online seminar led by Stéphane Goldstein, on 8 February 2017

This was the third in an occasional series of webinars organised with InformAll on topical subjects of relevance to anyone interested in information literacy. Please find here a full recording of the event.

Information literacy (IL) is not a term that is generally recognised in workplace settings. But even if the term itself isn’t in widespread use, there is increasing evidence of the relevance of information know-how in the context of employment and employability. IL is inherent to many factors – ranging from teamworking to problem-solving to business awareness – that are critical to the success of enterprises, whether in the commercial, public or not-for-profit sectors. And with the fast-evolving nature of work, characterised by rapid technological change, unpredictability, job insecurity and complex lifelong career paths, the ability to acquire some mastery of information becomes that much more pertinent.

This webinar was organised in association with the LMD, the Leadership and Management Division of SLA; and with LIKE, the London Information and Knowledge Exchange. LIKE’s network of almost 1,400 members includes professionals from all sectors and each of the knowledge, information and communication disciplines. Its purpose is to benefit all members by freely sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas. Join the network on LinkedIn.

About the presenter:

Since early 2016, Stéphane Goldstein has been Executive Director of InformAll which, through research, analysis and facilitation, promotes the relevance, importance and benefits of information literacy in the library world and beyond. He is the author of reports, articles and other material on the relevance and applicability of IL to a range of settings, particularly in the context of the workplace.