England’s lost Jews: discovering the Sephardi community

InformAll is participating in a project on ‘Discovering and documenting England’s lost Jews’, exploring the fascinating history of the Sephardi Jews who started settling in England in the 17th century. The project is led by Pascal Theatre Company and funded through a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The project features on-site performances, notably at the site of the Novo Cemetery, in Mile End, in the East End of London, one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in England. But a large part of the work will be articulated around educational workshops (which themselves will include elements of performance), interviews with Sephardi individuals, outreach to different community groups (including young people) and archival research. The project should generate interest in, and develop awareness of, the little-known history of the Sephardi community, with its Spanish, Portuguese and more broadly Mediterranean heritage. Most Jews in the UK are of Ashkenazi origin, having immigrated from central and eastern Europe; Sephardis – who nowadays constitute only a small proportion of the overall Jewish community in England – are contrastingly the heirs of old traditions reflecting the mixed Muslim, Christian and Jewish environment of medieval Spain.

The project runs from December 2018 to the middle of 2020. InformAll is helping with documentation, research and evaluation, and will support the production of publicly-available outputs, not least online resources.


Photo: Novo Cemetery, Mile End, London – © Pascal Theatre Company