Who we are

InformAll is a consultancy and social enterprise, set up as a community interest company (CIC) in December 2015. Find out about about what we have to offer and our publications and resources. See our projects via the menu at top right.

InformAll is committed to providing an excellent, tailored service, through:

  • undertaking research projects and other collaborative activities on different themes, in order to develop the evidence base for clients and partners;
  • bringing together stakeholders from different professional and organisational backgrounds that have an interest in developing a common understanding of given issues;
  • identifying funding opportunities and formulating joint proposals
  • managing multi-player projects to take advantage of different outlooks
  • exploiting this diversity of expertise and know-how by providing a rich and all-round view of such issues.

We can help meet your needs across a variety of areas. In addition, we have a particular expertise in information and digital literacy, enabling us to:

  • disseminate and exploit the outputs of relevant work in order to promote information and digital literacy as an issue of relevance to society;
  • facilitate discussion, exchange of ideas and sharing of good practice relating to information and digital literacy;
  • advocate for information and digital literacy in the education process, including the broader context of professional development and lifelong learning, and promote greater co-ordination and a strategic approach to the provision of information and digital literacy education and training;
  • support and encourage collective advocacy for information and digital literacy across different sectors.

InformAll’s status as a CIC reflects our commitment to operate as a social enterprise, with the explicit purpose of benefiting the general public and society as a whole.