New report on research data management training

On behalf of Knowledge Exchange (KE), InformAll has produced a report on approaches to research data management (RDM) training undertaken by universities and infrastructure providers.  This work has helped to reinforce InformAll’s interest in skills and competences associated with research data – an important component of information literacy.

In today’s changing research environment, there is a need for researchers at all stages in their careers, along with research support staff, to nurture their skills and know-how in the management of research data. Questions addressed in the report include target groups for training, types of research data, methods of training and experiences and lessons learned. RDM comprises the different components of the research data lifecycle, from data creation to data preserving, sharing and re-use. It is also an integral part of the wider research process, contributing the standards and principles of research, and applicable not just to the research data lifecycle, but throughout the lifecycle of research projects as a whole. RDM skills and training thus form a necessary component of the broader professional development of researchers and other professional groups that support researchers.

Further details can be found here.